Five Reasons This is a Great Time to Start a Freelance Career

1. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The number one barrier to starting a freelance career is usually the fear and uncertainty of leaving stable, high-paying corporate job. If you’re like tens of millions of other professionals across the world who have been laid off, downsized, or otherwise terminated over the last two years, then the silver lining is that you no longer have to worry about this barrier!

2. No matter what their size, organizations all over the world have been forced to lay off employees, encourage early retirements, and wait to hire replacements over the last two years.

3. These layoffs, early retirements, and hiring freezes mean that thousands and thousands of corporate projects have been put on hold or assigned to overtaxed employees. Many projects like these will never be tackled, even though tackling them would boost productivity, increase profits, and save money for the organizations involved.

4. Just because there are fewer employees doesn’t mean that there is less work. When corporations cut back on employees to save money, that doesn’t mean that the work goes with them. In fact, corporations often turn to independent contractors or freelancers to do this work in order to avoid the long-term liability, overhead, and burden of direct employees.

5. Recessions reduce competition. It seems counter-intuitive to think that a recession would be the best time to start a freelance career, right? So much so, it turns out, that many people who might otherwise have been thinking about starting a freelance career don’t. Instead they opt to hold on to the safety and security of their corporate jobs, as long as they possibly can. What does that mean to you (now that you know what a great time a recession is to start a freelance career)? You guessed it, less competition.


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  1. Freelancing is great because you have control over your schedule and can have multiple jobs at the comfort of your home.

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