Freelance Work: What Exactly is Freelance Work?

Someone who does freelance work is someone who does work on an as needed basis for an employer. Freelance work can most easily be obtained when the economy isn’t doing well, or if a company finds itself needing temporary manpower for a contract that it won or under other circumstances where temporary help is needed desperately.

A freelance job doesn’t have to be one that is complex or complicated, even walking dogs can be done as a freelance job Many pet owners may not have the time on their hands to properly walk their dog and would be more than willing to pay someone to do it for them.

A prime example of the types of jobs people would pay you to do as a freelancer are jobs which are often offered in exchange for a charitable donation. All it takes is to sit down and think of the kinds of jobs that you know people don’t like doing at all and very happily would give money to someone to do that particular job for them. People will often gladly pay money if you would sweep their driveway, pull weeds in their garden, trim their hedges, clean out their garage, clean the house, wash and wax their car, polish the brass, etc. These tasks and any others you can think of if done as a freelance worker could very well make you a nice income.

The beauty of doing menial labor tasks is they aren’t usually something that needs done one time, you can earn a recurring income. For example, if you swept the drive for an employer on Tuesday, most likely it will need done again the following Tuesday. Another good example is pulling weeds, if you pull them on Tuesday; there will be more that will need to be pulled the following week. Because freelance work can be done on a regular basis for the same employer it is relatively easy to earn a nice second income, or even replace your primary income.

How many skills do you have that you can provide to others? Can you teach a language? Can you write letters? Can you deal with authorities? Can you build shelves and cupboards into rooms? Can you repair roofs? Can you maintain a motor car in good condition? You could probably create a list of things that you can do to an acceptable level that would enable you to offer something to just about anybody you know or meet.

So, what is the definition of freelance work – it is work that you can do for others who do not want to do it themselves – and get paid for it! If you have a skill that you are particularly proficient at, you could create a small market for yourself specializing in that skill. Maybe you have a way with words? Probably one of the biggest groups of freelancers is writers. When you think about it, you are surrounded by the written word. Just about everywhere you look you will see something that somebody else has written – even if it is only the contents on a food container.

Most magazines and newspapers rely heavily on freelance writers for their content. Do you think that you would have a shot at seeing some of your content in print if you submitted it? If you worked hard on the piece and ensured that it was of the highest quality and was relevant to the newspaper or magazine you submitted it to, don’t you think they would pay you to write more for them?

Freelance workers are always in demand and freelance work is always available – why not give some thought to getting your share?

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